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What Would YOU Say to This Creative Marriage Proposal?

Too bad they don’t give awards for creative marriage proposals. This  guy would be the hands-down winner in the high-tech category!

High Tech Wedding Proposal from Brett Culp on Vimeo.

If any of you speaks Japanese, can you tell us if she said “yes?” I imagine their wedding favors would be tiny robots that will cook and clean house for their guests…


  1. I am not Japanese but that’s one creative proposal. Just adding it to my list of great proposals so I can use it someday:)

  2. Susan,

    I’m Japanese so I had to watch this. First of all, what an amazing man to go to that much trouble! Second, I noticed that it’s not Japanese, but it’s actually Chinese so I hope someone out there can let us know if she said yes. How could you say no to a proposal like that??


  3. That is just soooo cool! The man deserves this woman, and she had better appreciate him! He will treat her as his queen forever and ever more. I can not believe to how much trouble he has gone to. I am surprised this clip hasn’t become a runaway hit on YouTube!