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Fun Ideas for a Bachelorette Party with Underage Bridesmaids!

Well,  she is just seventeen! You know what I mean! If she’s one of your bridesmaids, your friends who are planning the bachelorette party need to think twice about that bar-hopping bash typical of today’s bachelorette parties, or you might be bailing them out of jail the morning after.

If it’s likely one or more of your bridesmaids will be under the legal drinking age of 21, you might want to ask your bachelorette-party planners to consider options that don’t focus on the goal of drinking to the bride’s happiness as often as possible. Glamour.com just came out with a great list of BP (Bachelorette Party—not the oil company) ideas that should be fun for everyone, and I thought I’d share some of them with you–along with a few ideas for bachelorette party favors to match!

  • Karaoke! Hokey? A little. Cheesy? Very! Fun? Absolutely! Lots of karaoke places “don’t insist that you be 21 to get on the mike” and make a fool of yourself. And sometimes, you might be pleasantly surprised or even blown away at musical talent hidden among your family and friends. The Japanese are huge fans of karaoke, so it’s possible some sushi restaurants in your locale also have a karaoke component. The ladies of legal age can slurp on sake while everyone in the group sings and scarfs down California rolls.  My choice for this BP favor? “East Meets West” Stainless-Steel Chopsticks!
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  • Eat Up! You don’t have to be 21 to get into most restaurants, and if the bride-to-be is a bona fide foodie, she’d love to spend an evening at her favorite spot for chowing down. Fabulous food, great conversation and something big, gooey and chocolate for dessert—sounds like a plan to me. Of course, pretty much anything that includes chocolate has my vote. And, of course, all the legal ladies can order a cocktail or two with dinner while the under-21 girls get stuffed and stay sober. If there’s even a remote chance the restaurant has no chocolate-laden desserts on the menu, I highly recommend bringing your own in the form of mouthwatering “Vintage Charm” Gourmet Brownie favors. You might decide to eat dessert first!


  • Relax at the Spa! Raise your hand if you love being pampered. Mine’s way up! A soothing facial, a stimulating massage, a manicure, a pedicure, aromatherapy, a steamy sauna, a half hour in the Jacuzzi—you’ll all walk out feeling like a million bucks. Though an evening at the spa can be a tad pricey, it’s worth it to celebrate the upcoming event of a lifetime. What bride who’s burned out on wedding planning wouldn’t love “a few hours of pure relaxation”? Wine for the women, water for the girls, it’s all good! And all the guests at the BP can keep the good vibe going with “The Little Black Purse” Five-Piece Manicure Set, unless, of course, the BP hosts can afford Jacuzzis for everyone.


  • Go Roller Skating, Bowling or Mini-Golfing. Be honest. You know you love this kind of stuff! To make it even more fun, deck yourselves out in raunchy, but tasteful, bachelorette gear and hit the lanes. If you really want to go wild, do all three in one night—bowl a game, enjoy a round of mini-golf and wrap it up on roller skates.  By the way, make sure someone brings a camera to the festivities, no matter which route you go. Every guest will want a few photos of that night to remember—assuming there are no shots that show something better left unseen. My suggestion for a picture-perfect BP favor is the “Natural Impressions” Photo Album, that lets you save the memories and the planet at the same time. Smile!


  • Take In a Show. Not a movie—a show. And not your typical Broadway show. Look for something like Tony & Tina’s Wedding, an interactive show in which the audience plays the wedding guests. If the cast knows there’s a bachelorette party in the audience, they’ll show you “an especially good time.” I’m happy to say I’ve been a guest at Tony & Tina’s Wedding, and I promise you’ll have the time of your lives!  The event is set up like a real wedding, where you attend the ceremony first and then the reception.  (The best part—you won’t even have to buy a gift!) Mystery dinner theaters are interactive fun, too.  Since Tony and Tina are Italian (and you know how jubilant Italian weddings are!), I would choose a distinctly Italian BP favor—the “Olive You” Olive Oil Dispenser.

To be honest, any one of these party plans would be fabulous even if all the guests are of legal drinking age. My thanks to Glamour.com for these great ideas!

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