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Bridal Survival Kit

You can never be too prepared for your big day. Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. The last day you want this to happen on is your wedding day, right? Show up the law and be prepared with these mini essentials for any wedding, anywhere, anytime.

1. A mini sewing kit

For any last-minute button, seam or zipper emergencies, pick up one of these cheap kits. Trust us: someone will need to use it at some point during the day. You’ll be glad you had it on hand!

We like: Talus Corp Mini Sewing Kit, $2.97, Amazon.com

Image courtesy of Amazon.com

2. Double-sided tape

Fashion tape eeps your girls in place, stops any mortifying overexposure mishaps and fixes a hem in a hurry.

We like: Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape, $8.99, Beauty.com


Image courtesy of Beauty.com

3. Rosy-tinted lip balm

Keep your lips lovely and luscious post-kiss. It’ll keep your pucker moisturized for all the cheek-kissing you’ll be doing at the reception, too!

We like: Nivea A Kiss of Flavor Tinted Lip Balm, $2.99, Ulta.com


Image courtesy of Google.com


4. All-purpose hairspray

Get megawatt shine without the greasy look with a fine hold hairspray.

We like: TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray, $13.88, Drugstore.com


Image courtesy of Drugstore.com

5. Adhesive bandages

In case your shoes start to hurt, skin-toned adhesive bandages are a quick way to hide the damage so you can get on with your party and dance the night away.

We like: Urban Armour Cut-to-Length Skin Tone Adhesive Bandages, $3.49, Skincoloredbandages.com


Image courtesy of Skincoloredbandages.com

6. A rollerball fragrance

Stay fresh as a daisy all day with a rollerball fragrance. They’re slim and compact, making them perfect for your purse (or a bridesmaid’s!). Roll some on whenever you need a refreshing burst of scent.

We like: Marc Jacobs Daisy Rollerball , $20, Amazon.com

Image courtesy of Amazon.com

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