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Light Up The Night with Candles

Candles are always the way to go for a romantic twist. Turn your reception into a more personable affair by dimming the lights (if possible at your venue) and eating by candlelight. Overhead light can be stark in comparison to the warm, friendly atmosphere you’re trying to create at your reception between you and your guests. Spruce up your reception tables and set the mood with the right candles for your event.

1. Smell the Roses

Small, subtly-printed candles look great clustered in. Buy bundles in two colors and mix them together on tables in groups of four. With these candles, the white offsets and enhances the pink. Having decorative candles looks great and doesn’t take the stage away from sweet-smelling centerpieces you may have on your reception tables.

We like: Elegant Rose Ball Candles, starting at $1.65, myweddingfavors.com

Image courtesy of myweddingfavors.com

2. Nature’s Call

Fall offers so many different textures and woodsy elements, so why not take advantage of the season’s offerings? Turn to the rustic look of grainy wood and add a dose of gold-flecked shimmer for a trio of statement candles that create an interesting take on ambient lighting.

We like: Golden Pine Candles, $38-$58 each, Anthropologie.com

Image courtesy of Anthropologie.com

3. Holiday Bright

For a cozy reminder of the holidays without being over the top, choose a vivid green candle with hints of golden spruce trees. The scent is warm and comforting–perfect for a cozy reception with friends and family. The decorative jar means you can use it season-long to remember your special day and brighten your home.

We like: Diptyque ‘Pin’ Holiday Candle, $68, nordstrom.com

Image courtesy of Nordstrom.com

4. Glistening Gold

Never underestimate the power of an understated votive. Candles in speckled rose gold holders give guests a flattering candlelight dinner.

We like: Gold Mercury Candleholders, $8 each, westelm.com


Image courtesy of westelm.com

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