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Memorable Bridesmaids Gifts To Celebrate Your Favorite Ladies

Before you pack your bags for your bachelorette weekend, leave some extra room for bridesmaid gifts. From cake tastings to dress fittings, it’s time to thank your friends for all they’ve done for you.

Get them something that they’ll love for years. Every time they use or wear their gifts, they think’ll of you. But how do you pick memorable bridesmaids gifts? Usefulness, uniqueness, and personalization are key. Think of something that everyone will like. Bonus points if they can be used during your bachelorette party in addition to life beyond the wedding.

1. Personalized Sun Hat

Heading to the beach for your bachelorette party? Or maybe you and your ladies are known for spending time out in the sun. Get everyone these matching white sun hats, but personalize them with each woman’s name in the color of your choice. You can either do the full name or an initial.

Personalized Sun Hat | Memorable Bridesmaids Gifts | My Wedding Favors

2. Hanging Cosmetics Bag

As soon as your girls open up these cosmetics bags, they’ll love you to pieces. That’s because the hanging bags, with a cool gray Moroccan design, come with a six-piece makeup brush set. If you want to take this gift a step further, add a few cosmetics you think each girl will like, then personalize them with each bridesmaid’s name.

Hanging Cosmetics Bag | Memorable Bridesmaids Gifts | My Wedding Favors

3. Acacia and Slate Charcuterie Board

There’s that inevitable dread whenever a friend gets married. Will she stop hanging out with the girls? Curb that fear by giving your bridesmaids these acacia and slate charcuterie boards. They’re the perfect excuse for each bridesmaid to host a regular get-together for years to come.

Acacia and Slate Charcuterie Board | Memorable Bridesmaids Gifts | My Wedding Favors

4. Gold Cocktail Shaker and Martini Glasses

Another must-have for those who love to entertain is this cocktail shaker set. The glass shaker has a gold lid and the two martini glasses have gold rims. They’re made of beautiful hand-blown glass.

Gold Cocktail Shaker and Martini Glasses | Memorable Bridesmaids Gifts | My Wedding Favors

5. Heart Pendant Necklace

For the women who have everything, get them something simple like these heart pendant necklaces. While they come in gold and silver, nothing beats rose gold. Get each girl’s initial inscribed on the front of the heart. They even come in personalized gift boxes.

Heart Pendant Necklace | Memorable Bridesmaids Gifts | My Wedding Favors

6. Floral and Gold Keepsake Box

When all else favors, get your bridesmaids one of these glass keepsake boxes. They’re made of glass with gold accents and a floral design painted onto the top. Get each woman’s first name or family name on the top.

Floral and Gold Keepsake Box | Memorable Bridesmaids Gifts | My Wedding Favors

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