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Popular Groom Fashion: The Bow Tie

Image via: Z Media

Bow ties are cool–and they’re especially good for the groom on his wedding day. While traditional ties are the classic choice, the bow tie is better for grooms that want to be different, trendy or fashionable. But bow ties don’t have to be a crisp black. If you want some inspiration for cool wedding bow […]

Congratulations to Daniel–the Winner of the Kensington Collection!

The Announcement You’ve Been Waiting For! If your name is Daniel, and you entered our giveaway of the entire Kensington collection, you’re about to make your fiance an even happier woman! You’re our giveaway winner, and she’s going to love everything in the set! We’ll contact you shortly for all the details. Meanwhile, thanks to […]

Does the Love of Your Life Watch “The Office”? Stay Tuned!

I don’t know if you caught the latest episode of  “The Office”, in which dimwitted office manager Michael Scott proposes to his girlfriend Holly. Before he pops the question, he shows the ring he purchased to Pam, the receptionist, whose jaw drops open when Michael opens the ring box.  To put it mildly,  the diamond […]