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Weirdest Wedding Trend Ever—Divorce Fairs!


Oh, those wacky Europeans! I don’t know if it’s their droll sense of humor or their entrepreneurial spirit, but the diametrically opposed version of the Bridal Fair—the Divorce Fair—is taking place in cities all over their continent, where more than 800,000 marriages end each year. Can you imagine the overall mood at one of these […]

Celebrity Couples Renew Vows Quickly—What’s That About?


Somebody needs to help me get to the bottom of this. I understand why married couples might renew their vows on a 20th or 25th or 50th anniversary, but we’ve got some celebrity couples who renew their vows before the ink is dry on their original wedding license! So what’s up? Is it because they have […]

Cigar Bars—A Wedding Trend that Stinks!


Not to mention the smoky haze it creates. But I digress. Yes, we’re hearing more and more about cigar bars turning up at wedding receptions. Don’t get me wrong–I know cigars are popular with a large segment of the population. Even women are taking up the habit. But I believe there’s a larger segment of the population […]

This Wedding Theme Has Them Racing To The Altar!


When the long-awaited bride finally gets the groom to say “I Do,” it’s a sure bet that there will be a race to the altar. Such is the case for this fun-loving couple-literally! This Canadian couple has known each other since grade school, but their lives followed different paths. They each had traditional weddings the […]

Q. How Do Same-Sex Wedding Favors Differ From Hetero Favors?


A. They don’t. The answer shouldn’t come as any surprise to you. The operative word is “same.” For the most part, same-sex weddings are just the same as heterosexual weddings. They can be wildly creative or traditional. Wedding styles depend on the personalities of the couples, not their sexual orientation. Sure, the top of the […]