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Around the World Wedding Favors

Whether it’s a sandy secluded beach in Bora Bora or a bustling romantic city like Paris, we’ve all got our dream honeymoon getaway. Get one step closer to where you want to be by incorporating hints of your favorite places into your favors.  Maybe you can’t quite go on your dream vacation to far-off lands […]

Cool Alternatives to Wedding Veils

Wedding veils are traditional. They complement white wedding dresses nicely. If you’re choosing your wedding look based on tradition or what your great grandmother insists you wear, you probably already have your eye on a nice long, lily-white veil. Then again, if you scoff at tradition and don’t mind disappointing the old-fashioned among your family […]

Bridal Braids

Want to jazz up the standard braid for your wedding? With different variations, this style went from childish to chic this season. The key is to keep the look simple and sleek. We turned to the best beauty websites on the Net to guide you through the fishtail, the waterfall and the milkmaid braid styles. […]

It’s Your Favor-ite Time of Year

Planning a winter wonderland wedding? Your reception can be a great time to play up this time of year. Instead of a red or green color scheme, go with a clean powder blue for an elegant touch. For a practical and memorable favor guests can use all winter long, we like the Winter Wonderland Collection […]

Bridal Garters: Take Them or Toss Them!

As with a lot of the wedding traditions, some people may think they can take it or leave it, asking the question “what’s the significance of the garter toss, anyway?”  Well, in addition to being a good luck piece that identified the man who was likely to marry next, it actually signifies the start of […]

Think “Groovy Head” on the Day You Wed!

Actually, it’s “Groovy Heads“, but I wanted the title to rhyme. Either way, this is a pretty cool NEW idea for wedding entertainment. Premiering recently at UK Wedding Shows, “Groovy Heads” is live, interactive video starring your wedding guests. Straight from Andy at A&G Productions (the creators of Groovy Heads, here’s how it works: Here’s […]

Londoners Do Royal Wedding Favors for Visitors

And these are spectacular favors, I might add! With millions around the world jumping at the chance to enjoy the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton up close and personal, many Londoners are doing you the favor of offering their flats and homes to those who can’t find a hotel room—and if you […]