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Why I Love What I Do:

Ironically, my days are all about “I Do!”, and, since I love being married, I can’t imagine a more rewarding job than helping brides-to-be and bridal shower hosts celebrate one of the hands-down happiest moments in life. And the sheer joy of doing what I love here at My Wedding Favors is a bonus! Every day is a celebration of why we’re here—to help brides have their dream wedding. When you’re surrounded by dozens of people who are visibly enthusiastic about our impact on those dreams, inspiration is truly in the air!


Why I Love What I Do:

First of all, My Wedding Favors is an awesome place to work. There’s always something fun going on that it makes it easy to get creative with my writing, which leads me to the second thing I love about it. I get to write, encourage, inspire and even counsel brides (on an occasional Facebook status) every day as they prepare for their most special day. I’ve always found that I express myself better with the written word than with the verbal. So, you can imagine that sitting at my computer armed with a keyboard and a smile is like heaven to me!