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An Austin Inspired Wedding

When you’re planning your wedding, you can pull inspiration for your theme from just about anywhere – your favorite store, your favorite activity or your favorite city. And when it comes to unique cities to plan your wedding around, Austin, Texas is definitely one that sticks out. With so much personality and life, adding details […]

5 Sweet Treats for Your Autumn Wedding

Sure, you could have a classic, traditional wedding, full of chicken-or-fish dinners and a plain white cake. But what if you want to do something different? Perhaps you’re having an autumn wedding and you want sweet treats that are perfect for the season. Well, we have you covered! Read on for five yummy treats for […]

The Art of Layering Mascara

When an event calls for dramatic lashes, makeup artists know there’s nothing better than layering mascara to build mega lashes. With the right technique, you can create gorgeous lash looks without needing fake lashes and gloppy lash glue. Step 1. Invest in a primer. It might seem frivolous, but, just like primer for your face, […]

Tattoo Wedding Ring Ideas

More recently it has become popular to get a tattoo wedding ring rather than a traditional wedding band.  There are many different variations of tattoo wedding rings and some are not even “rings” or on the wedding ring finger. It is just another example of how you do not have to do things traditionally or […]

Pamper Yourself With Oatmeal

Don’t be fooled by oatmeal’s texture. It’s a very hydrating, moisturizing ingredient that’s gentle to all skin types. From your face to your body, you can incorporate this breakfast staple into many parts of your skincare routine. 1. DIY Mask: If you’re into making your own beauty products, this recipe is super simple–and you probably […]