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Popular Groom Fashion: The Bow Tie

Bow ties are cool–and they’re especially good for the groom on his wedding day. While traditional ties are the classic choice, the bow tie is better for grooms that want to be different, trendy or fashionable. But bow ties don’t have to be a crisp black. If you want some inspiration for cool wedding bow […]

Make Your Nail Polish Pop

It’s prime manicure and pedicure season! To help your nail polish last longer and look better, follow these tips so your nails stay in tip-top shape. 1. To keep nail polish from creating tiny air bubbles, make sure you’re painting on thin, light layers. Start with one stripe down the middle followed by one each […]

Summer Sunflower Wedding

What better flower to choose for your Summer Wedding than a  beautiful, bright Sunflower! Sunflowers captivate in so many ways and are the perfect highlight for your Summer Wedding decorations.  There are so many ways you can incorporate Sunflowers into your Wedding Theme. Here are some inspirational Summer Sunflower Wedding ideas for you: 1. Photograph […]

Get Celeb-Worthy Eyes

You might not have an at-home makeup artist like many celebrities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t steal some of their makeup secrets. For a special night out with your girlfriends, this winged eyeliner look is easy to recreate. Follow these tips to look bright-eyed and glamorous. 1. Line your rims with a pearly white. […]

10 Ways to Stay Present on Your Wedding Day

If you know people who have gotten married, you’ve likely heard this complaint when all was said and done: “I felt so rushed through the whole thing. I never even got to eat the dinner! It was such a whirlwind, I barely remember any of it.” You’re putting all of this money and preparation into […]

Sweet Summer Wedding Cocktails

Summer is here and it’s getting hot! If you are planning a wedding this Summer or hosting a wedding party then you are most likely planning to offer your guests a couple of cool, sweet beverages.  There are so many delicious recipes for Summer cocktails it may be difficult to decide which ones to choose […]