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My Wedding Favors Is Still In Favor Of A Cure!


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  While those who are affected by the disease are not far from our thoughts, we are reminded of the strong, courageous and sometimes silent women who fight this disease every day.  Whether they are on the path to victory or have succumb prior to, these women and their families […]

Cigar Bars—A Wedding Trend that Stinks!


Not to mention the smoky haze it creates. But I digress. Yes, we’re hearing more and more about cigar bars turning up at wedding receptions. Don’t get me wrong–I know cigars are popular with a large segment of the population. Even women are taking up the habit. But I believe there’s a larger segment of the population […]

Calculating the Cost of Wedding Cake


The funny thing about wedding cakes is that they’re pretty–and pretty costly!  It’s so easy to fall in love with a delicate, sweet, beautiful cake only to discover that the petite presentation will cost over $1,000. This sweet little number on the left was voted “America’s Favorite” and costs a mere $30 per slice!  Wow!! […]

Do Your Wedding Favors Match Your State’s Personality?


It seems an odd thing to go together–your wedding favors and your state’s personality traits.  But it just may be a new way to choose your wedding favors.  A recent study of over 600,000 participants from across the country provided some interesting facts about people’s personality based on the state in which they live, according […]

Candle Centerpieces That Make Your Decor Shine!


I’m not sure if you’ve had the chance to check out our new section for wedding centerpieces, but it is awesome!  There are so many choices for stunning centerpieces that it will almost make your head spin.  From flowers to decorative accents, it’s all there for the choosing.  The candle centerpieces are particularly intriguing.  Not […]

Enjoy a Wonderland of New Winter Wedding Favors!


Brides can enjoy a winter wonderland of wedding favors with these three new designs! Always on the cutting edge of creativity and style, My Wedding Favors is proud to add the newest winter wedding favors from Kate Aspen to our already popular collection of winter wedding favors.  Inspired by the snowflake, each design is the […]

Infuse Your Bridal Shower with Tea!


Especially at this time of year, tea is a warm and welcome beverage.  Whether to relax or warm up, tea has natural soothing qualities that everyone can enjoy.  The wonderful properties of tea have been enjoyed and written about for years.  That’s why it is a wonderful bridal shower favor idea.  Almost everyone enjoys a […]