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Here Come The Bridal Shower Favors!


If you’re a bride-to-be, please go write your vows or try on your gown again. But before you do, pass this post along to whomever is hosting your bridal shower (or showers, if you have lots of family and friends.) Thanks! Hi! You must be the BFF or a very close relative, and how nice […]

Personalized Wedding Favors: The Ribbon Says It All


As brides make every effort to give each detail of their wedding a personal touch, a small detail is often overlooked–the ribbon.  It’s an oh-so-subtle detail that can elevate your wedding favors to a more personal level.  You’ve seen them, the luxurious, satin ribbons that have been emblazon with the bride and groom’s name and […]

Weirdest Wedding Trend Ever—Divorce Fairs!


Oh, those wacky Europeans! I don’t know if it’s their droll sense of humor or their entrepreneurial spirit, but the diametrically opposed version of the Bridal Fair—the Divorce Fair—is taking place in cities all over their continent, where more than 800,000 marriages end each year. Can you imagine the overall mood at one of these […]

Safeway Grocery’s One-Stop Wedding Shop–Almost


Here we go again.  Yet another store is getting into the wedding planning business.  And this time it’s a grocery store.  If you live in the Midwest, you’re pretty familiar with Safeway stores and will most likely be happy with this new resource. SAME STUFF, NEW TWIST While it’s nothing new for a grocery store […]

Wedding Place Card Holders—The Next Generation


Yes, the frames are always nice, and they do serve their purpose—showing guests to their seats and providing a favor that can be used later for a favorite photo. As brides get ever more creative with their wedding styles and destinations, it’s nice that top-tier wedding favor designer Kate Aspen stays ahead of the trends. […]

Add Drama To Your Garden Wedding With Table Theatre


No, this isn’t a fancy tablecloth.  It’s actually a picture of a leaf projected onto the table!  Talk about adding the WOW effect to your wedding!  Totally customized and out of the box, you can display just about anything with these visual presentations that literally transform your reception tables into a stage.  They’re so different, […]

2009 Wedding Colors—Waaaaay Over the Rainbow!


Pastels are a thing of the past—for this year at least. Bright, bold and luminous are 2009’s adjectives for trendy wedding colors. The gorgeous turquoise, yellow and purple bouquet at the left is an indication that howling-hot hues have arrived just in time for your wedding! Blazing red will also be getting a lot of […]

MySpace Enters Wedding Planning Business?!


If you’re looking for a wedding planner, you can now add MySpace to the list of choices.  Yes, MySpace has entered the wonderful world of weddings to develop a reality Web show with a twist. In case you haven’t heard, they’re looking for one lucky couple who would allow MySpace users to totally plan every […]

Wedding Survey Says What We Knew All Along


Everybody knows that when times are tight, it impacts almost every area of our society–and weddings are no exception.  Although they have remained virtually recession proof, the economy of recent years has begun to chip away at the seemingly impenetrable market.  According to a new survey performed by David’s Bridal, 75% of brides-to-be admit that […]

Taco Bells Ring as Normal Couple Weds


That’s Normal, as in Normal, IL. Don’t get me wrong. I actually like Taco Bell. I’m crazy about their Burrito Supremes, but I never imagined the restaurant would make a desirable wedding venue. And they didn’t even reserve the whole place. While customers ordered quesadillas at the counter, Caragh and Paul Brooks (they both had […]