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A Dessert-Only Reception at Night? No Way!


Food can sometimes be the most expensive part of the wedding budget, especially for a large reception. To help cut the costs, one bride recently considered doing a dessert-only reception in the evening. While I applaud her cost-conscious thinking, according to the etiquette experts, a dessert reception at dinner time would be inappropriate. …

Five Wedding Tips from New York’s Top Caterer


In this past Sunday’s New York Daily News, prominent NY caterer Peter Callahan offered some fresh advice on how to find the best caterer for your wedding, and he answered a few other FAQs that might come up for you as you wade through the wedding-planning ocean of possibilities. Callahan has catered events for Al […]

A Sock Monkey for a Wedding Favor?


Now, I think I’ve heard it all. A creative and fun-loving California couple was so in love with these hand-made sock monkeys that they actually gave them out as wedding favors! Very original to say the least. At a cost of $25.00 per favor, each monkey was customized to the recipient’s profession, hobby or …

Would $400,000 Glasses Make Champagne Taste Better?


I don’t think so! But after reading about these opulent, ostentatious, outrageous (can’t think of another “O” word other than “Oh My God!”) champagne glasses, I can definitely say that these goblets would definitely have to do something pretty spectacular to make me want to shell out that kind of dough. But, I guess for […]

Summer Wedding Favors Get Off The Beach!


Most times when brides think of a summer wedding theme, beach is the first one that comes to mind. For destination weddings to romantic islands and ceremonies held by the shore, a beach theme is ever so appropriate. However, there are several other themes that can accentuate your summer ceremony. A wedding held near …

What The Groom REALLY Wants For Getting Hitched!


There are practical gift registries, and then there are those that aren’t. Often times, the bride determines what gifts show up on the registry for the wedding. But what if the groom could have his pick of the gifts? Would he still choose that blender? Recently, a popular men’s website posed the question and …

Getaway Car Creates A Sticky Situation!


For those of you looking for a very creative way to decorate the getaway car for the bride and groom, I couldn’t help but pass this idea along. This poor SUV was completely covered in Post-It Notes. That’s right, the little sticky notes we use at the office. Whether the decorators were really into …