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Newlywed Tip: Help With The Name-Change Game


You’ve ordered the cake and found the perfect centerpieces for the reception. Your wedding planning is almost done, except for one thing. All of you soon-to-be newlyweds out there know that there is one little detail that can only be done after the wedding. No, I’m not talking about opening the wedding gifts or sending […]

Add Zing to the Main Bling in Your Engagement Ring!


I’d like to make the case for having a stone other than a diamond in your engagement ring. We’ve all known and worn other precious gems (rubies, emeralds, sapphires, amethyst, onyx, etc.) on all our other fingers, but for some reason, when it comes to engagement rings, we just want that crystal-clear diamond. I admit […]

On Nov. 11th, Military Brides Get Free Wedding Gowns!


What an excellent way to show support for our troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan! If you’re currently on active duty in the military (or your fiance is), you can trade in your fatigues for a beautiful new wedding gown.  It’s all thanks to a wonderful program called Brides Across America, an organization that supports […]

Wedding Trend Alert—Green Weddings on Organic Farms!


When it comes to weddings, there’s going green, and then there’s GOING GREEN. Seriously eco-conscious brides and grooms are moving toward making that point in an unmistakeable way. They’re going way beyond just the organic food and eco-friendly favors. They’re finding organic farms that will accommodate their wedding ceremony and reception. Sounds like a romantic […]

Publish Your Own Wedding Magazine with YourCover.com

What fun! Here’s a Web site that puts you and your groom-to-be on the cover and back cover of a “magazine.” You can use them as invitations, centerpieces and even favors! A YourCover.com personalized magazine cover allows you to “create a party favor, gift, table centerpiece and keepsake that is as unique as your relationship.” […]

“The Wedding Planner” Sequel On Tap—Starring Madonna?


Well, we’re not sure yet, but over the weekend, we did learn that Adam Shankman,  who directed the first “Wedding Planner” movie is, indeed, launching a sequel with co-producer Madonna. So let’s engage in the popular-culture fan’s favorite pastime–speculation and jumping to conclusions! WHAT’S MADONNA’S ANGLE? Is she in it just for the producing credit, […]