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Giving Wedding Favors On A Budget
by: Michael Kabel 

    It’s an all-too-common scenario for the modern bride and wedding planner. With resources and funds stretched to their breaking point, and with the Big Date drawing ever closer, the time comes when something’s got to give. You can only cut a dollar so many different ways, as the old saying goes. There has to be compromises.

    That’s sound advice – if only it were true.

    Working from a budget doesn’t have to mean cutting out the fineries involved in presenting a complete wedding celebration. When shopping for wedding favors, there are several ways to cut costs without compromising quality. While some might require a little more manual labor and extra preparation time, there’s a definite trade off in the money you’ll spend in the long run. And money saved is money that can be spent on other items throughout the wedding preparations. You may not be able to spend the same dollar everywhere, but you can spend it as smartly as possible!

    Whenever you can, buy in bulk and do the work of assembling and gift-wrapping your wedding favors yourself. This will present a huge savings if you’re planning to give smaller, more personal wedding favors such as candies or flowers. Ordering from online unique wedding favor retailers in bulk or in larger quantities will sometimes entitle you to a larger discount than you might get if simply ordering normal wedding favor quantities. Florists might offer larger discounts when buying loose lots of flowers, and you can always buy candy and potpourri literally by the pound.

    Of course you may also want to make the wedding favors truly unique by preparing them yourself out of raw ingredients. Few wedding guests are able to resist the charm of homemade brownies, for example, especially when packaged in a handwrapped bag with a handwritten note. Though they’re not necessarily gourmet quality (unless you’re a chef), the homemade touch carries an intimacy and sincerity all its own. And the key to any successful wedding favor presentation is the amount of sincerity your guests perceive.

    Other budget favors include simple favors your guests will enjoy not just at the wedding reception but also when they go home. If you’re considering a simple keepsake, remember that candles and votives last for hours and can also be a necessity in times of inclement weather. When ordering from discount stores and especially some online wedding favor merchants, candles can sell for less than a dollar each.

    The wedding favor is a great way to show your appreciation for your guests’ time and selflessness in joining you on your special day, so keep in mind they’re not something to easily dismiss come budget crunch time. While they don’t have to cost a fortune, they’re something of a necessity, as they’ll act as a souvenir and memory touchstone for how your guests remember all your wedding decorations and plans.

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