• Decorative Lanterns - Light up your soiree while adding a touch of chic to your décor.
    Decorative Lanterns - Light up your soiree while adding a touch of chic to your décor.

    Lanterns are the perfect wedding accessory to light up your space while adding a touch of chic to your decor.

    Decorative lanterns

  • Hand Sanitizers for all occasions! Spread Love - Not Germs!
    Hand Sanitizers for all occasions! Spread Love - Not Germs!
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Personalized 15 oz. Stemless Wine Glass
"I love the idea of giving guests something they can take home and reuse rather than something like candy. "
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Remember having tea parties when you were a little girl? There's no better way to keep the tradition alive than with a tea party bridal shower filled with fun and nostalgia. A tea party bridal shower is light, delicate, and feminine, making it perfect for the occasion. And with our wide selection of tea and coffee bridal shower favors, you can create the perfect party without breaking your budget. Dishes, silverware, napkins, decorations, even food--we've got everything you need to give you the bridal shower of your dreams.

When you're hosting a tea party, one of your biggest priorities is finding the right set of dishes. Fancy tea sets can be expensive, and you don't want to spend too much for something that you won't use often. Fortunately, My Wedding Favors offers a variety of dishes at affordable prices. And unlike commercial tea sets, our personalized bridal shower favors, making each item a keepsake for your special event. We offer glasses, jars, measuring spoons, paper plates, glass mugs, cups and saucers, glass coasters favors, and more: everything you need to serve everyone in your bridal party.

If you're looking for spring bridal shower ideas, our elegant tea party bridal shower favors and decor is sure to inspire you. We offer everything you need to set the tone for your party, including backdrops, coasters, vases, candle holders, lanterns, and table decorations. Like our personalized dishware, most of our décor can be personalized with the names (or initials) of you and your spouse. And our delicate, floral decor is the perfect accent to your tea party bridal shower.

Want to serve food and drinks at your party, but don't like the ugly commercial packaging? At My Wedding Favors, we sell a variety of edible favors with pretty, floral packaging that's customized with the names of you and your spouse. Our honey bridal shower favors add a rich, sweet touch to your tea or biscuits. And we also sell coffee, cookies, and even strawberry jam, as well as cheese boards, tea infusers, and measuring spoons. We've got all the supplies you need for the perfect party--all you need to bring is your snacks and your guests!

Any one of these décor & wedding favor ideas will surely add to the fun and festivity of your wedding day. Choose wedding souvenirs as is or customize an idea to best suit your style and personality. Your guests will be delighted! When planning a beautiful, memorable wedding, picking the right favors is crucial. At My Wedding Favors, shopping for mementos to present to your guests might be the most enjoyable part of the wedding planning process. Don’t forget to buy extra favors for your big day. You’ll definitely want to set aside a few of them for yourself, friends and family. They are a way to remember your fall wedding many years after it occurs. Call 1-866-942-1311 to learn more about fall wedding décor and favor ideas designed for your special event.