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7 Lovely Cake Trends for 2019

Every year, there are new wedding cake trends that you’ve never even heard of. So, what are the new trends of 2019? This year, wedding cakes are playing with texture, color, and shape. If you’re in between choosing a wedding cake, you may be inspired to try one of these cakes! Check out our favorite wedding cake trends for 2019. There’s even a cake in this list that really isn’t a “cake” at all.

1. Black Wedding Cakes

Wanting to do something different from the traditional white wedding cake? A black cake is the exact opposite of everything classic. Just because it’s black doesn’t mean it can’t be classy, though! Employing strategically placed flowers makes this black cake beautiful and romantic.

Black Cakes | 7 Wedding Cake Trends for 2019 | My Wedding Favors

John Barwood

2. Cakes with Edible Flowers

Flowers are nothing new on wedding cakes, but typically they’re either taken off before serving the cake, or they’re made of fondant. The new trend for 2019 uses real edible flowers pressed into the cake so guests can have a taste with every bite.

Edible Flowers | 7 Wedding Cake Trends for 2019 | My Wedding Favors

Rachel Hudson Cakes

3. Cakes Surrounded by Greenery

Cakes in 2019 evoke a natural feel, incorporating a bit of nature onto each layer of the cake with leafy greenery. This trend is perfect for rustic, outdoor, or Bohemian weddings. Adding a base of wood or wooden elements helps to elevate the look of your cake even more.

Leafy Cakes | 7 Wedding Cake Trends for 2019 | My Wedding Favors

Chris Barber Photography

4. Geometric Wedding Cakes

Sharp, clean lines are welcome on geometric wedding cakes. Whether it’s the prop holding up a floating tier, a design painted on the cake, or the shape of the cake itself, geometric wedding cakes are all the rage this year. You could even mix up the techniques like in the wedding cake below. Be sure to add a touch of metallic to your cake to give it that industrial, geometric look.

Geometric Cakes | 7 Wedding Cake Trends for 2019 | My Wedding Favors

Imagine That Film

5. Cakes with Unique Textures

Texture makes everything a bit more interesting. Cakes this year play with textures on the frosting and fondant, including drag marks, spikes, indented patterns–you name it! The wedding cake below alternates the textures between each tier.

Textured Cakes | 7 Wedding Cake Trends for 2019 | My Wedding Favors

Jen Fariello Photography

6. Single-Tier Cakes

This might seem like a simple idea, but have you ever seen a wedding cake with only one tier? If you’re looking to try something different but still want a classic cake design, ask your baker to stick to a single tier. This is perfect for small weddings or if you’re also providing a separate dessert table.

Single Tier Cakes | 7 Wedding Cake Trends for 2019 | My Wedding Favors

Emma Ivarsson

7. Cheese Wheel Wedding Cakes

No, you’re not seeing things. This wedding “cake” isn’t made of cake at all. Instead, each layer is a different wheel of cheese. Go for this cake trend if you’re an unconventional couple who loves a good cheese plate or charcuterie board.

Cheese Wheel Cake | 7 Wedding Cake Trends for 2019 | My Wedding Favors

All Grown Up Weddings

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