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New Divorce Laws For Muslim Women

Mr. Christopher from the My Wedding Favors blog with some encouraging news.  Muslim women in India have been touted by women around the world as the most mistreated and right-denied people on the planet.  Having to cover almost every inch of their bodies in public to avoid enticing men, being subservient to their men and […]

Women Leave Husbands and Children Behind

As part of a very unusual experiment called “The Week The Women Went”, the women of a small Canadian town called Hardisty near Alberta decided to simply pick up and leave their husbands and children alone by themselves for a week. The husbands had to manage everything from the meals, housework, cleaning up, getting the […]

Snoop Dogg Renews His Wedding Vows

Mr. Christopher from the My Wedding Favors blog. A nice and sweet bit of news out of Los Angeles. Rapper Snoop Dogg pulled a fast one on his wife Shante this weekend. Snoop told his wife that they would be going to an anniversary party for a friend of his and that he was an […]

Movie Review: 27 Dresses

Movie review: 27 Dresses by guest blogger Donna L. 27 Dresses gets my two thumbs up! I had the pleasure of attending the special advanced screening of this hysterical chick flick last night in Atlanta. Of course, I brought three close friends with me — our first night out celebrating my December engagement! Hundreds of […]

Guaranteed Weight Loss Tips For Dummies

Mr. Christopher here from the My Wedding Favors blog to share with you the ONLY weight loss tips you will ever need and they are offered to you at absolutely no charge. It’s so frustrating to watch these fat burner commercials, meal replacement commercials, super weight loss gadget promos and not think to yourself, are […]

Barn Owl Entrusted As a Ringbearer

Every now and then you’ll hear news that’s a little off of the wall and seems like a crazy wedding idea. Three year old barn owl Casbar has a very important job at the wedding of Jenni Jones and Stuart Desborough. Jenni’s father Islwyn, of Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr, near Ruthin (in Wales) has been dubbed […]

9 Great Weight Loss Tips

Hello all. Mr. Christopher with some great tips for weight loss that popped up on the MSNBC website as it appeared from SELF Magazine. The tips are so straight forward, that it’d be incredibly easy to be successful if you just follow these simple steps. They tested these by giving one tip to each person […]

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