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10 Reasons To Avoid a White Wedding Dress

pink wedding dress

White is–and will always be–the color of choice for wedding dresses. But before you head straight for the rack of ivory beauties, do yourself a favor: consider a different color. A differently colored dress may be the right choice for your wedding. Pink, blue, green; the choice is up to you. 10 Reasons Why You […]

Can You Pull Off the Short Wedding Dress?

When you think of a wedding dress, most people picture the floor-length ball gowns that remind everyone of a white-clad princess. Although that’s certainly the trend, floor-length dresses aren’t the only way a bride can step out in style on her wedding day. Today we discuss short wedding dresses! Short wedding dresses can look ultra-fashionable. […]

Wedding Etiquette: Can Guests Wear White?

Every now and then, you hear a debate at the local beauty shop or at a family get-together. One group insists that white should be reserved only for the bride. The other insists that the no-white rule is outdated. What’s the real answer? Should guests be able to wear white to a wedding? New Rules […]

Wedding Hair Inspiration: Down Styles

Recently, we brought up the debate between up and down bridal hair ‘dos. Regardless of where you end up on that debate, you have to admit that a down hairstyle can often be glamorous and attention-getting for a wedding. If you’re thinking about going down for your wedding, and have the long hair to pull […]

The Bride’s Secret Weapon: Cotton Swabs

Don’t head off to the ceremony without your makeup bag full of tools and tricks for any misstep on your wedding day. In addition to oil-absorbing sheets, cotton swabs are a must-have for brides that love to be prepared for any disaster. Top 5 Uses for Cotton Swabs on Your Wedding Day Dab at any […]

The Bride’s Secret Weapon: Oil-Absorbing Sheets

There are scenarios you need to prepare for. You probably already have most of them covered, like running out of food at the wedding reception or keeping flip-flops on hand so you’re comfortable while you dance the night away. Here’s a little known fact about your wedding day: you’re going to get shiny. With all […]

2012 Wedding Beauty Trend: Tangerine Tango

We’ve started a new year. That means all of 2011’s trends, like cupcake wedding cakes and Tiffany blue color schemes, are on their way out. If you’re getting married in 2012, it’s time to check out new trends. And the biggest color trend in 2012? Tangerine Tango! Pantone, the authority in all things color, named […]

The Great Hair Debate: Up or Down?

Purists and traditionalists will stand by their views: brides should always wear their hair up at the wedding. But what if you love your long, flowing hair? What if you prefer gorgeous Hollywood-style curls? It’s time to bring this knock-down, drag-out fight to MyWeddingFavors Blog! Where do you stand? Put it up or leave it […]

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