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Fashion Spotlight: Pink Wedding Dresses

We’ve talked about adventurous wedding dress colors before. While white is the most traditional gown color, that doesn’t mean you can’t venture into other colors. Today, we’re highlighting the classically girly and feminine wedding dress color: pink! Pale pink dresses work well for daytime weddings. They give that hint of pink without being overpowering. And […]

Beauty Tips for a Chilly Destination Wedding

Last month, we talked about the beauty routine you need when having a tropical destination wedding, but what about us gals that hate the beach? What if you’d rather be surrounded by white fluffy snow than foamy surf? You’re headed for a chilly destination wedding! You could be among the slopes of a ski town […]

Beauty Tips for a Tropical Destination Wedding

Imagine standing on the beach, sand beneath your toes, as you say your final “I do,” while the sun sets beyond the edge of the ocean’s crystal water… That’s the appeal of a tropical destination wedding, right? You get to say your vows, surrounded by friends and family, in a warm and magical part of […]

Summer Wedding Color: Yellow

Even if you plan on sticking with a white dress, incorporating color into your wedding is a great way to add some of your awesome personality to the big day. With a summer wedding, try yellow as your accent color. Yellow provides the fun, sunny and cheerful lift that can turn even a rained-out wedding […]

How to Rock a Vintage Wedding Dress

Vintage wedding dresses always have a place in bridal fashion. Maybe you prefer 1960s vintage fashion over the ball gowns of today. Or perhaps you want to pay homage to your family by donning your mom’s wedding dress down the aisle. While vintage can be a super cute and romantic way to celebrate your wedding […]

Cool Alternatives to Wedding Veils

Wedding veils are traditional. They complement white wedding dresses nicely. If you’re choosing your wedding look based on tradition or what your great grandmother insists you wear, you probably already have your eye on a nice long, lily-white veil. Then again, if you scoff at tradition and don’t mind disappointing the old-fashioned among your family […]

10 Reasons To Avoid a White Wedding Dress

pink wedding dress

White is–and will always be–the color of choice for wedding dresses. But before you head straight for the rack of ivory beauties, do yourself a favor: consider a different color. A differently colored dress may be the right choice for your wedding. Pink, blue, green; the choice is up to you. 10 Reasons Why You […]

Can You Pull Off the Short Wedding Dress?

When you think of a wedding dress, most people picture the floor-length ball gowns that remind everyone of a white-clad princess. Although that’s certainly the trend, floor-length dresses aren’t the only way a bride can step out in style on her wedding day. Today we discuss short wedding dresses! Short wedding dresses can look ultra-fashionable. […]

Wedding Etiquette: Can Guests Wear White?

Every now and then, you hear a debate at the local beauty shop or at a family get-together. One group insists that white should be reserved only for the bride. The other insists that the no-white rule is outdated. What’s the real answer? Should guests be able to wear white to a wedding? New Rules […]

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