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Now, This Takes The Cake…Literally!

Cake Toppers: Just Married

It’s the height of wedding planning season! Wedding planners, caterers and bakers are all abuzz with the details. Preparing for all of those summer weddings is a pain-staking process for the owners of a Wisconsin bakery. They’ve taken nearly 250 wedding cake orders by hand, thus far. Each order is too detailed for the computer, […]

How to Prevent Crummy Wedding Toasts!

I was at a wedding recently where the best man made two fatal mistakes. First, he didn’t take the time to prepare what he was going to say and, second, he was highly “toasted” by the time his big moment rolled around. “Embarassing” doesn’t begin to describe it. I guess it will be funny when […]

Now, That’s A Bridal Party!

This beer-guzzling bride and her helpful attendants definitely give new meaning to the words “bridal party!” I never thought I would see the day when a beautiful bride would be hoisted up like a side of beef just to get a drink (That beer must be mighty tasty!) Maybe someone should have suggested a glass […]

Bad Bridal Shoes lead to Barefoot Brides!

How often have you found yourself in this predicament?  While frantically searching for the nearest place to sit down, all you can think about is getting out of those shoes and rubbing your tired, aching feet.  We’ve all paid the price for sacrificing comfort for beauty somewhere along the way.  Regardless of how uncomfortable those […]

What Women in Wales Want in a Man

I just found an interesting article from a news agency in Wales that surveys women about what they’re looking for in a man. Clearly they’re not that different from American women, or most women for that matter. Here are some of the stats: 76% of women had their hearts broken at least once. The three […]

Top 10 New Wedding Trends

Mr. Christopher reporting in with some cool new wedding traditions. As people look to find a way to hold their wedding and make it as memorable as possible, there are some strange trends out there. Some are not that shocking, but they definitely stray from the typical standard ritualistic pathways from the days of yore. […]

Five Reasons Matchbooks Still Make Marvelous Wedding Favors!

Hi, all you breathtaking brides-to-be! Sue here with my ever-popular TWIST (The Way I See Things!) You know, about 40 years ago engraved matchbooks were one of the most popular wedding favors around. The tiny fire-makers could be found not only at weddings, but at bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversary parties, cocktail and dinner parties–almost anywhere a special […]