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Pam Anderson Now Against Marriage

Mr. Christopher reporting on news that you can roll your eyes too. Actress/Model Pamela Anderson has decided that marriage is not for her.  After being married three times and failing miserably each time, Pamela Anderson has decided that being married doesn’t suit her anymore.  Pamela appeared in Hollywood for the premiere of the movie spoof […]

Alaskan Couple Married in Swimming Pool

Oh those crazy Alaskans.  The AP reported that Mark Confer and Joanne Wainwright got married and “took the plunge” this past Saturday.  And they went all out.  The wedding cake was in the shape of a pool and the walk down the aisle was replaced with hurdling down the 136 foot long waterslide. Senior Pastor […]

New Divorce Laws For Muslim Women

Mr. Christopher from the My Wedding Favors blog with some encouraging news.  Muslim women in India have been touted by women around the world as the most mistreated and right-denied people on the planet.  Having to cover almost every inch of their bodies in public to avoid enticing men, being subservient to their men and […]

Happy Friends! Hot Trends! From Bridesmaids to Wedding Favors–Mixing-and-Matching is Catching!

  Wedding by wedding, today’s bride is breaking tradition, liberating herself–and her bridesmaids–from a stuck-in-the-seventies past, when all her bridesmaids had to dress exactly alike and all her wedding favors had to be the same for every guest. Moving into new “wedding” territory apparently isn’t for the weak or faint of heart. If you’re a bride-to-be […]

Jenna Bush’s Wild West Wedding!

Howdy! Sue here with my TWIST (The Way I See Things!) Talk about extremes! Jenna Bush had her choice between a lavish White House wedding in Washington, DC and an intimate, little affair in dusty, distant Crawford, TX. She picked the Southwest location, and I’m not sure exactly what that says about her. Clearly, she’s not […]