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When you think of a wedding dress, most people picture the floor-length ball gowns that remind everyone of a white-clad princess. Although that’s certainly the trend, floor-length dresses aren’t the only way a bride can step out in style on her wedding day. Today we discuss short wedding dresses! Short wedding dresses can look ultra-fashionable. […]


Most of the time, you think about the bride trashing the dress. It’s such a release–and relief from all that wedding planning. But, never did I expect to see the groom (albeit ex-groom) going on a marathon trash fest! Yes, divorce brings out the bitterness in the best of us. After 12 years of marriage, […]


I certainly think so! It’s possibly the best new trend since personalized wedding favors. I’m talking about wedding gowns with pockets—a fashion-step forward that’s long overdue and, not surprisingly, sweeping the industry! My thanks to for this jewel. Why am I so passionate about this trend? Because I haven’t carried a purse in more […]


Hello, all you beautiful brides-to-be! Today’s wedding favor, compliments of Bridal Guide magazine and NYC dance and exercise instructor Colleen Durham, is for those of you who have selected or are just thinking about a backless wedding gown. After all, the weather is getting warmer. If you’re concerned about back fat, you can push it […]