The Magic of 07-07-07

Can a group of musicians and activists change the world in a day?

Have thousands of brides and grooms set a date that ensures their love will last forever?

This Saturday marks a convergence of spectacularly auspicious possibilities. July 7, 2007 – the date of all sevens, traditionally the luckiest and most spiritual numbers for most Western cultures. Though the date comes once every hundred years, this year the date is used as a means of communicating several hopes and perspectives all at once.

Wedding planners, some churches and reception facilities claim their bookings for this weekend have doubled, even with some couples turned away.
“It’s not just the especially religious,” says one Memphis-based wedding expert. “People realize the rarity of the date and want to make it a part of their lives.”
“If you’re taking a chance and getting married,” he adds, “is there a better chance to take then on the ‘jackpot’ date?”

The enthusiasm for the date has been something of a windfall for caterers, wedding musicians, and wedding planners, who’ve found their workload – and business – confronted with a two-fold spike in business. Many say they’re seeing a spike in the number of green weddings for that date, as well. “Green weddings” is the recent trend in wedding celebrations that involves using as many eco-friendly and environmentally responsible decorations, wedding favors,

Meanwhile, another effort to save the planet’s delicate ecosystem is set to entertain billions around the world with nonstop music and performances. The Live Earth benefit event will feature eight separate benefit concerts on all continents in eight major world cities, including New York, London, Hamburg, Johannesburg, and more. Artists and entertainers scheduled to perform include The Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson and Kanye West. The concerts will last 24 hours straight, with expected audiences of two billion people. The concert will raise awareness of “a climate in crisis” and hopes to inspire action towards solving the world’s unprecedented environmental danger.

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