They say when guys get married, they assume their wife won't change a bit. Ever. But when a woman marries, she thinks she can and will change her husband. Both are recipes for disappointment. With a side of bickering.

The truth about marriage and change lies somewhere in the middle. Let's focus on you for a moment. There are things you can change about yourself and things you can't. There are things you should change about yourself but don't. (Hey what better reason to quit smoking than your wedding day?) As you prepare for your wedding, think hard about what you plan on changing about you. From the trivial to the profound, wedding day changes should always be thought out carefully.

  • Hair Today, Shorn Tomorrow - Many brides start growing their hair out the day they get engaged. Or they plan to do their hair in a drastically different way. Why? What if the Rapunzel thing doesn't suit you, your bone structure or even more importantly, your dress? Unless you just love the idea of playing with a fancy new style, don't feel pressure to change your hairstyle for your wedding. It's okay to stick with what you know, and what best works for you. Doing so often results in the most flattering photos.

  • Weighing In - Losing weight is probably the #1 thing women try to change for their wedding day. And that's fine - unless you obsess about it. Planning a wedding is stressful enough without hating yourself every time you eat a cookie. A more relaxing approach to weight loss is thinking of it in terms of adding things to your routine, versus depriving yourself of them. Instead of forbidding yourself from eating carbs or sugar, simply incorporate more exercise into your plan. Drink more water, eat more salads and vegetables.

    And remember, silly, he's already proposed - your fiance thinks you're hot you just as you are right now.