The Best Gifts for the Best Man

If you’ve ever stood in a bridal party, you know there’s more to participating than renting the designated tuxedo and wondering whether you should hit on the bride’s sister at the rehearsal dinner (you shouldn’t; it’s bad form). You have to help the groom – who’s probably his own little viper’s nest of nerves – arrange the ceremony, organize the wedding procession, and plan the rehearsal dinner. Then you have to make sure he’s prepared emotionally for the big day. Anything you do during the bachelor’s party, by the way, is just gratis.

Yet all of this is incumbent on the best man to ensure that it’s done well. Like a gang of soldiers, groomsmen follow the best man’s lead. But there’s even more involved than the planning - best men sometimes literally save marriages before they’ve had a chance to begin. I once attended a wedding in Texas where the groom had to be pulled out of the presbytery by three of his groomsmen. His blood had run cold, his feet turned to soft clay, and it fell upon the best man to talk some sense into him. Given all the responsibility thrust upon any best man, you can see how giving the best gift possible is the least a groom can do. Here’s three helpful tips.

1. Pick something personal. This goes beyond getting something engraved with his name or “best buds forever” etched on its side. This means selecting – after much consideration – a gift he’ll respect, because it demonstrates your respect of his interests and concerns. For example, if your best man is an avid darts player or pub crawler, a personalized pub sign or dartboard would be a fun memento of the best man experience. It also serves as a subtle reminder that the fun times aren’t necessarily over just because you’re settling down.

2. Keep it meaningful. Don’t hand him a wristwatch and go for a high five. Women bond over shared experiences and emotions. Men become pals through mutual interests and goals. When giving your best man a gift, pick something evocative of the things you did together. If your best man was your college roommate, a personalized beer stein set might be appropriate. If you played chess together, get him an elegant chess set. If he’s something of a sophisticate, get him something to go along with the elegance of your wedding – a money clip, monogrammed cufflinks, or even a pocket tool. These are elegant, masculine gifts, given from one man to another. In other words, they show you acting like an adult. Which brings us to…

3. You’re not in college anymore. Open the wallet. It’s one thing to spring for another round or a plate of cheese fries when you’re young and dumb and poor. It’s another thing to skimp on the gift that commemorates your wedding for the man closest to your life. Don’t be afraid to spend extra money to get the sterling silver or personalized gift. The best man, like the groomsmen, is there for you out of his own pocket. Drop cash on his gift accordingly.

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