Shall We Dance? - Preparing for your Wedding Dance

Is dancing not in your repertoire? Do you find yourself sweating profusely, with clammy hands and feet when you are asked to dance? Surely you know you are not alone. What with more than half the population suffering from a fear or two, you're in good when compared, "fear of dancing" is a pretty mild phobia and it's one of the easier ones to conquer.

It's understood that you'd of course want to learn how to dance for your wedding. Not only is it one of the more special moments of the celebration but seeing the new couple on the dance floor is a surefire way to get guests pumped and ready to dance themselves. Knowledge is confidence, and once you have this it will show. Great music and a glowing attitude ensure that your guests will vividly remember the wedding day, even if they don't recall the details. So let's begin with the basics!

Take Dance Lessons
After all there's no other way to learn unless you take lessons, right? Now you can do this one of two ways; take private lessons at a studio or buy an instructional video or DVD and learn in the comfort of your own home. Some couples may prefer learning at home because it affords more privacy and it's easier to learn at your own pace.

Plan to start soon.
You want to be at ease when you step out on the dance for the first time as husband and wife. Your family and friends will be watching close by and you don't want to appear nervous at all. Beginning your dance lessons early as opposed to when it's close to the wedding day, gives you enough time to learn the steps and become comfortable with the routine. Dancing should be a fluid succession of movements; relaxed, effortless and easy. And it's only by practicing over and over again that you can achieve this fluidity in your movements. Allow yourself time because the closer it gets to your wedding day the more hectic life becomes.

Plan, then plan to have fun

What I mean by this is that the DJ, photographer and videographer should be informed to be sure they:
1. Play your first dance at the tempo that you practiced
2. Get great pictures and video (perhaps give a demonstration beforehand to show which moves are especially important to capture.)
And once you’ve mapped out this strategic plan, then its time to just relax and have fun. The unexpected might happen during your first dance but above all you should just enjoy the moment. A missed move here and there should be secondary to the fact that you’re both having fun (plus if you practiced, practiced, practiced, it will all be a breeze.)