Wedding Favors for Children

Wedding Favors for Children
by Michael Kabel

    If you're looking for a way to put just one more finishing touch on your wedding reception plans, we've got an idea that may be just the thing: leave no child behind.

    Amid all the dozens of details that go into planning your wedding reception, you've probably taken the time and found the perfect favor to give your guests, right? Well, some of your guests - and this is especially true of larger weddings, where people bring their families - are going to be kids. Setting aside a wedding favor just for them not only makes them feel special, it gives them a true souvenir of the day's celebrations.

    The favor doesn't have to be grandiose and you don't have to spend an awful lot of money getting the children a special order. It's enough to order them alongside your wedding favors, but set them apart, either at the entrance to the reception hall or at each individual seat. If you have a specially-reserved child's table, the wedding favors you give them could dress up the table's presentation and let the children know their area is a special part of the hall.

    Presented below are just a few possibilities for entering the children with wedding favors. They feature sturdy construction and no break-off parts, so they're safe and durable enough to give every child's parents a little extra peace of mind.

Satin Sachets:

    These are a perfect favor for the princess at your wedding who just can't wait to grow up. Soft and feminine, with delicately fragrant scents, they make a gift any little girl would love to put in her room or closet. Some include silk ribbons and even feature charms and decorative ornaments.

Miniature Bells:

    Children love bells, whistles, and anything that makes a pretty noise - they almost can't help themselves! Giving them a bell wedding favor makes a charming keepsake they'll love to keep in their room, first as a toy and then as a reminder of your celebration. 

    Bells come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and some can even match a variety of themes (for example, there are bells with cross-shaped tops for couples celebrating their faith on their wedding day.) They're great accents for children and adults, alike - just get ready for plenty of ringing around the reception hall!

Wildflower Seeds:

    A perfect activity for after the wedding celebrations conclude, this educational wedding favor teaches them about flowers, about gardening, and the valuable lesson of tending to something important. Wildflower seeds come in a variety of charmingly decorated seed packets and designs, so there's something to fit every wedding motif. For very small, children, they may pose a choking hazard, so it's best to consider whether to give them to the very, very young.

Placecard Holders:

    Placecard holders come in so many charming designs that you're sure to find something to amuse and charm children of all ages. From princess tiaras to miniature antique cars, they're tiny enough to fit into smaller hands but durable enough to resist hours of active amusement. They'll also look cute in any child's bedroom.