Giving A Holiday Wedding Gift
by: Michael Kabel

The popularity of the holiday themed wedding seems to expand by leaps and bounds with each passing season. Whether to capitalize on families already planning to spend time together, the crisply romantic atmosphere of winter, or just to add a little more joy to the new couple's holidays in years to come, the holiday wedding seems to be the event of choice of modern wedding planners and brides alike.

Choosing a gift for the wedding couple at first might seem like a cinch, thanks to all the stores stocking up merchandise for the holiday shopping madness. On the other hand, heading to the mall or to a favorite store to find the perfect wedding gift can often seem daunting for just that same reason. In a shopping environment where there are so many more choices, who's to say what the perfect gift will finally be?

Shopping for wedding gifts during the holiday season can be frustrating thanks to an embarrassment of riches, it’s true. But saving time and money isn’t out of the question either.

Shop online and save time - but order early.

Shopping online saves time and frequently presents a better deal on the gift in question than shopping the brick and mortar stores. The trick is ordering early enough. Processing time to fill your order and ship can take from a day or two to several weeks.

Remember that postal and delivery services' efficiency slows down a great deal between Thanksgiving and New Year's. Since obviously you need your package to arrive at least a day before leaving for the wedding festivities, make sure you understand the Web site's shipping policies and delivery schedules. Some routinely offer overnight delivery for an additional charge.

Browse clearance sales and Black Friday events to save money.

The day after Thanksgiving is the Number One day of the year to save money, if you're willing to brave the swelling and frantic crowds. "Black Friday," as it's unofficially known to workers within the retail industry, offers discounts piled upon discounts to the savvy shopper.

Many stores offer special exclusives, including early opening hours and special online-only coupons that can be redeemed either at the store's Web site on in person at a store location. Once you've selected your gift, getting it home safe becomes something of an adventure in and of itself on Black Friday - but the savings could be worth it. Just arrive at the store early enough that your gift isn't already sold out.

Check registries and online gift organization lists.

Odds are, another wedding guest might have their eye on the same or the same kind of gift you're planning to give. Many modern couples set up online gift registries and sign-up lists, so you can see what's available to give among the items the couple has specifically requested.

Some brick and mortar and online stores have joined in on the wedding gift process, creating nationwide bridal registries for couples free of charge. These registries sometimes occupy special kiosks in the store, or else they're available at the customer service desk.