How To Be The Perfect

Dinner Party Hostess

Throwing any type of party can bring on serious anxiety. Therefore, we want you to be totally prepared when you're hosting your next holiday party. Here are 10 tips to help you become the perfect dinner party hostess.

Plan Your Party Theme

The first thing you want to do when planning a party, is come up with a theme. Whether it's a Winter Wonderland themed dinner, Thanksgiving Dinner, New Year's Eve Party or even a Christmas Day Dinner. Make sure your party is centered around a fun theme. Planning a theme will help you later, when it comes to planning a menu, picking out decorations and picking out party favors for your guest . You can also use the theme to pick out your decorations.

Holiday Dinner Party Favors

Make Your Guest List and Send Out Invites

Write down a list of people you want to invite. Depending on your party or dinner space, you may have to cut your list down. It's okay, don't feel obligated to invite EVERYONE you know. Your invite list will help you gauge, who your party guest will be and your food and drink budget. Thankfully, we are in the modern day and age of technology, so once you get your guest list together, you can either send out invites by mail or evites. Don't forget to give your guest at least 30 days prior to your party to respond to you rsvp.

Picking Out Your Decor

While you are waiting to receive your rsvps back, this is the perfect time to pick out your party decorations. Depending on your party or dinner theme, you may want to get hanging lanterns, tea light candle or votives, table decorations, and bar signs to decorate. Adding decor elements are a great way to bring your party's theme to life.

Planning Your Menu

Now that your RSVP's are rolling in, you can take some time to plan you menu. Let your party theme guide your menu choices. You want to set a certain tone and what better way to set the tone than with an amazing dinner menu. Always greet your guest with a signature drink, both alcohol and non alcoholic. You want to make sure you touch all bases, having a cocktail and mocktail is the best way to go . And don't forget, when you are hosting a dinner party, don't skip on the hor d'oeuvres, make sure your guest are greeted with appetizers, trust me, your guest will thank you for this. Also, make sure you have a dinner menu that will be hearty enough for your guest. You don't want anyone leaving your dinner party with an empty stomach.

Be Prepared To Break Out Some Fun Games

Be prepared to have ice breaker games, this will give your guest a chance to get to know one another and have fun at the same time. Plus, it will give your guest a chance to interact with one another. What better way to end the night, than with fun and laughter!

Don't Forget To Get A Favor

Whether you are having a huge party or a small party. Make sure you grab the perfect dinner party favors for guest as a thank you. Your guest will be pleased and will have an awesome keepsake to remember your great party. Now you have the tips to be the hostess with the mostess, make sure after you are done with the planning you take some time to enjoy the moment! Happy Planning!

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