Three Reasons Why Place Card Holders Make For A Better Reception
By: Karen Sullen

Have you ever been to a wedding reception and got stuck sitting next to the guy who totally dominated the conversation, and you couldn't get a word in edgewise? Or maybe you didn't arrive with the rest of your party and had to sit with a table full of people with whom you had nothing in common. These are just two scenarios that could have been easily avoided with the strategic use of place card holders.

Place card holders are popular and useful items found at many wedding receptions because they offer a triple bonus. Place card holders can provide seating instructions, table decorations and mementos for your wedding. Whether you choose a simple tent card, stylish card holder or a creative wedding favor that can also serve as a place holder, there is a wide variety of place card holders that can accent your table décor. For receptions with an RSVP guest list, here are three reasons why place card holders make for a better reception:

Mix It Up!
It's common for people to sit with those they are already familiar with, missing the opportunity to meet someone new. Place card holders are a great way to make sure both sides of the family mix together and get acquainted. You're all one big family, now.

Conversation Starters
When people don't have anything in common, there is not much to talk about. Make sure everyone is talking beyond the initial pleasantries by grouping people together by profession, hobbies or personalities. Placing people together with similar interests or backgrounds can also help avoid uncomfortable situations caused by family members who don't get along.

Do Yourself A Favor!
If you're going to have assigned seating, you might as well take care of two items on the agenda at the same time. Clever wedding favors that double as place card holders make sure everyone is seated properly and provides them with a unique gift. Some examples of these double-duty favors include picture frames with name or seating assignments inserted, wedding bell card holders, or a favor box of chocolates that include the guest's name and table assignment. Whether you're planning a nautical, garden or beach wedding, place card holders are a great way to enhance the theme.

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