Burgundy Blush Floral 9 in. Premium Paper Plates (Set of 16)

( $0.56 each)

Burgundy Blush Floral 9 in. Premium Paper Plates (Set of 16)

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( $0.56 each)

This item is discontinued.

Features and Facts:

Color(s): Burgundy, White and Gold
Materials: 100% paper.
Details: Premium Burgundy Blush Floral disposable plates have gold foil borders with a white background and a bouquet of flowers in one side. Shrink wrap with sticker packaging.
Dimensions: Paper plate measures 9.0" w x 9.0" h x 0.6" d. | Packaged product measures 9.0" w x 9.0" h x 1.0" d.
Selling Unit: Sets of 16
Minimum Quantity Without Personalization: 1 Set of 16
Minimum Quantity With Personalization: N/A
Assembly Required: None

These beautiful rustic floral premium paper plates from Kate Aspen are just the right size for dinner and desserts. Sturdy enough for the heaviest of cuisines, yet elegant for showcasing all your delicious treats. The burgundy blush appeal creates an autumn look for a cozy theme that fits any occasion including bridal showers, weddings, and anniversary parties. The 9" design is perfect for the main course and sides and can also be used for appetizers and hors d'oeuvres.

You can set these high-quality plates at the dinner table or stack them besides the serving stations for your guests to grab a bite during the reception. Pair these autumn blossom plates for a seasonal occasion to invite the party to the next level. My Wedding Favors is the place to shop for individual items that will make your reception notable from the rest.

These decorative plates are exceptional and bring beauty to any occasion. Your guests will appreciate the thought and dedication into the fall theme no matter the season of the year. Enjoy the beauty of the night with these special disposable plates that will make your night one to remember.