Floral Brunch 72 Piece Party Tableware Set (16 Guests)

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Features and Facts:

Color(s): Pink, Gold, Green, and White
Materials: Paper/Cardstock
Details: 16 (2 sets of 8) Floral 8 oz. Paper Cups. Multi-color watercolor floral printed paper cups with gold foil rim detail. 16 Floral 7 in. Paper Plates. Center of the paper plate is white and outlined in thin gold foil circles. The rim of the plate is a watercolor floral pattern that is trimmed in gold foil. Measures 7" in diameter. 16 (2 sets of 8) Floral 9 in. Paper Plates. Floral print paper plates feature pink and white flowers and green leaves along the scalloped paper plate; plate detailed with a gold foil brim. 30 Floral Napkins. Napkin has an all over scatter floral watercolor pattern and is trimmed in gold foil.
Dimensions: Paper Cups measure 3.0" w x 3.7" h x 3.0" d | 7 in. Paper Plates measure 6.8" w x 6.8" d x 0.5" h | 9 in. Paper Plates, measure 9.1" w x 9.1" d x 0.6" h | Napkins measure 6.5" w x 6.5" d x 0.01" h
Selling Unit: Set (16 cups, 16 7" plates, 16 9" plates, and 30 napkins)
Minimum Quantity Without Personalization: 1 Set
Minimum Quantity With Personalization: N/A
Assembly Required: None

Containing all you need for a bridal shower or wedding reception, this Floral Brunch 72 Piece Party Tableware Set from My Wedding Favors is sure to be remembered. With disposable dinnerware, you can look forward to a day of eating, drinking, and being merry without worrying about hours of cleanup after your guests leave. Gold foil borders and a feminine floral print beautify each matching piece of this bridal bundle. Packed with four product types, including cups, napkins, and two different sized plates, the tableware set comes together to create the perfect place settings at your guest's tables. Alternately, you can set up serving stations for a buffet-style brunch with refreshments and different courses for your guests to choose from. Disposable products from My Wedding Favors are safe for guests of all ages and saves time on cleaning up after the celebration. This delicately detailed bundle brings cheer to the party no matter the time of day or the day of the year. The lovely Floral Brunch Tableware Set will be appreciated by all involved in your special day with lightweight appeal and its beautiful essence. Follow us to My Wedding Favors for special bundles that will make your wedding celebration a party to remember for you and your loved ones.