LED Vintage Decorative Blue Lantern - Marrakesh (Set of 2)

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LED Vintage Decorative Blue Lantern - Marrakesh (Set of 2)

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$18.99 $26.69 -29% OFF
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Features and Facts:

Color(s): Blue.
Materials: Plastic lantern, glass window.
Details: Includes 2 plastic lanterns with built-in LED candle. The LED Decorative Distressed Blue Lantern - Marrakesh is sold as a set of 2 plastic lanters that each feature a battery-operated candle inside. These lanterns do not include batteries and require the customer to provide 3 AAA batteries. The light on the candle inside the glass panels gives off a warm flickering glow. These lanterns are shipped with styrofoam molds to keep them secure. The Marrakesh LED Decorative Distressed Blue Lanterns are perfect for gifts, décor, or even around the home. The LED light gives off a warm glow without the worry of spilling wax.
Dimensions: With Handle: 4" w x 10.2" h x 4" d, Without Handle: 4" w x 8.7" h x 4" d
Selling Unit: Set
Minimum Quantity Without Personalization: 1 Set of 2
Minimum Quantity With Personalization: N/A
Assembly Required: Yes, batteries must be supplied by the customer.

The Marrakesh LED Vintage Decorative Blue Lantern (Set of 2) by Kate Aspen is your next favorite lantern! This set of two is calling your name. Brighten up any space with these lanterns! Use to decorate shelves and counters, or for centerpieces during the holidays and any gathering in your home! It adds some lovely blue tones to your décor or flows with the blue color already in your home.

Along with the great home decor, use as wedding decor! Let the warm glow from the lanterns line your aisle as the beautiful bride walks down to her new future! Use them to decorate tables as centerpieces during the reception. Even for gift tables and food tables! Honestly, the lanterns look great no matter where you place them! Even set the tone of your wedding by using them as wedding shower and bridal shower decor! Buy them for all your pre-wedding events then use them for the wedding itself! The newlyweds then have some new home decor! The uses go on and on, so the only question you need to ask yourself is where are you going to display them?