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beach themed wedding favors

Whether you’re traveling to the tropics or going somewhere local, a beach wedding adds that special something that sets your wedding apart from others. With such a unique wedding, chic decor and favors are a must! Go with beach wedding favors that tie in the theme. Keep reading for a few great ideas! 1. Beachy Welcome […]

For one Long Island couple, taking the “big plunge” was a lot scarier than most. Why? Because after literally plunging into 120,000 gallons of water, they found themselves surrounded by dozens of man-eating sharks! How’s that for a wedding that bites?! Of course, nothing nearly that bad happened during the underwater ceremony, but I’m sure […]


Like many brides, you may be planning a beach wedding. And, why wouldn’t you? Just the thought of sunny beaches and a tropical breeze sounds really good right now, especially since is pouring down raining right now. A wedding and a honeymoon all rolled up into one beautiful, sunlit package, it’s the perfect theme and […]