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  • Inspiration for a Mauve Fall Wedding

    As you plan your fall wedding, don't forget to incorporate your gorgeous signature color. Mauve, a beautifully dusty pale purple, goes well with the changing leaves of autumn. Adding mauve to the flowers, tables--and even the cake--will have your guests in awe. Need a little wedding planning inspo? We've compiled some of our favorite ideas for a mauve fall wedding. View Post
  • Best Wedding Favors During a Pandemic

    Despite planning your wedding for a year or more, sometimes things out of your control work to change your plans. Just because we're in a pandemic, that doesn't mean you can't celebrate your wedding. As you follow the guidelines set out by your state or town, tailor the wedding favors to help your guests stay safe, comfortable, and happy! View Post
  • 4 Floral Trends to Add to Your Fall Wedding

    While it's obvious that trends in dresses and wedding cakes have changed over the years, you might not realize just how timely the flowers can be. Rather than sticking with a stodgy, old-fashioned design for your fall wedding flowers, try these modern floral trends. From the bridal bouquet to the reception tables, these trends will make your fall wedding flowers a success. View Post