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Creating an atmosphere of love and intention by embracing the beauty of our surroundings.

Intimate Backyard Wedding

 Why do we have weddings? What is the point? Marriage! The best part about a wedding is the marriage. Weddings are a beautiful way to support and send off the happy couple for an eternity of love.  After certain world shaking hm...Covid, the vibe that we are seeing the most is intimacy.  People are having smaller more intimate weddings. Keeping the wedding list small and the time intentional.  It also opens up oppurtunities to save money, to use more seasonal decorations, and to spend your money where you really want to.

intimate backyard wedding


This wedding in the foothills of California really shows how you can use your surrounding beauty to enhance your wedding. The best part about scaling down and using the beauty of our homes and the outdoors is that it keeps cost down.

intimate backyard wedding table seating


The way the bride and groom incorporated the outside into their decorations makes you feel like you are in a dream forest all alone in the world.  Just the happy couple and those they love most.

table numbers at backyard wedding




Using flowers that are in season are not only the prettiest, but great for a couple on a budget. But with all the money you saved it gives you room to splurge.

bride in backyard garden wedding


There are so many ways to enhance a table setting other than large centerpieces and round tables.  Family style tables and low greenery with the ambiance of candle light.  Having an outdoor affair at your own home allows freedom that you don't have at a venue.





intimate garden wedding


These intimate moments between bride and groom can be enjoyed for hours surrounded by all the love of their friends and family. They can enjoy their time with their guest because the guest list is small enough to get to spend intentional time together. The most important part of the reception.

intimate garden wedding couple kissing


These moments of time we can create, these spaces of time that are created to celebrate and give love and support are integral to our families and our communities.  These memories of the beginning.  


backyard garden wedding
cute farm animals at intimate wedding
food table at garden party
couple cutting cake at intimate wedding
cake time at wedding
happy wedding bliss couple

Event Venue:The Lyons Farmette//Photographer: Katie Dawn Photo//

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