Groom and Bride Gift Ideas

Great ways to be prepared with a great gift every time you are invited to a wedding event.  Not only are they awesome gifts, but they are useful for the couple well after the wedding.
Marble geo trinket dish
A wedding isn't a sprint, it's not a marathon or even one of those crazy triathlons, they are more like one of those Great Races around the world.  Between Engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and the actual wedding that is a lot of events and a lot of gifts to purchase.  Here are a few gifts that every bride and groom will not only love, but be able to use for their future together too!
geo marble trinket dish
This sweet trinket dish is the perfect marriage of feminine and masculine making it the perfect station for their new bling.  Whether they decide to keep one on their nightstand, in the bathroom while washing their hands, or by the kitchen sink where they most likely will be taking turns doing the dishes.  To be honest you might want to pick up several of this to gift through out your Great Wedding Race.
personalized stemless wine glasses 
The stemless wine glasses are a must and needed to be gifted early to insure they can make as many insta post as possible before the big day.  We have spotted these bad boys while the bride and groom were shopping for wedding venues.  We have seen couples taking selfies while celebrating their upcoming nuptials.  These are a must!  Suggestion, give these at the engagement party.
mr and mrs apron set
 What's the best way to learn communication with your spouse while also bonding and learning about each other's likes and dislikes? Give Up? Cooking of course! Cooking is such a great way for couples to grow in love with each other while also learning each others boundaries in the kitchen.  Not everyone is a chef, but everyone can be a sous chef.  These aprons, because of their great quality can be used for years and years to come.
adventure savings bank for couples
This penny bank is such a great gift to give to the bride and groom at their reception.  Place it on the gift table and through out the night watch as the money starts rolling in from all the family and friends.  Loved ones are always trying to find ways to support not only bride and groom, but also husband and wife.  This is an easy way to give guest this space.  After the nuptials are over and the honeymoon are just past post they can start saving for their next adventure together.