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An Intimate Beach Wedding

A wedding on a beach sounds wonderful right about now, doesn’t it? This intimate beach wedding is perfect for a small, family wedding. A soft palette of sea foam, teal, coral and sand give this theme the perfect feel, and details like driftwood garlands and clusters of blue, pieces of coral, pale pink flowers and […]

For one Long Island couple, taking the “big plunge” was a lot scarier than most. Why? Because after literally plunging into 120,000 gallons of water, they found themselves surrounded by dozens of man-eating sharks! How’s that for a wedding that bites?! Of course, nothing nearly that bad happened during the underwater ceremony, but I’m sure […]


Like many brides, you may be planning a beach wedding. And, why wouldn’t you? Just the thought of sunny beaches and a tropical breeze sounds really good right now, especially since is pouring down raining right now. A wedding and a honeymoon all rolled up into one beautiful, sunlit package, it’s the perfect theme and […]