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edible wedding favors

When a wedding favor is also edible, it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser! From late-night snacks to treats guests can take home, these are a few of our favorite and unique edible wedding favors. 1. Artisan Chocolates What’s fancier than exquisite chocolates? A box of artisan chocolates are the cutest representation of the couple. Choose two of your favorite chocolate flavors, one to […]

Prepare yourself for a flurry of excitement! I’m already falling for these timeless, new, wonderfully unique wedding favors, with some that are simply elegant, and I’m honored to introduce them, with photos of course, so you can enjoy the view! Thus concludes my prosaic introduction of Kate Aspen’s latest and greatest–the ultra-cool “Winter Dreams” Laser-Cut […]


Now that fall is here, I’m sure everyone is thinking about cooler temps, beautiful changing leaves and the holidays of the season. Nothing says fall like a few pumpkins, right?! Well, one creative guy used them to carve out a Halloween proposal that made a glowing impression! Walking up to the house on Halloween night, […]