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When you’re planning for one of the happiest days of your life, it seems like the world stands still and there’s nothing else going on in your life–and in the world–but your wedding. But, the reality is that the world has so many other issues that don’t stop just because its your wedding day. Some […]


Prepare yourself for a flurry of excitement! I’m already falling for these timeless, new, wonderfully unique wedding favors, with some that are simply elegant, and I’m honored to introduce them, with photos of course, so you can enjoy the view! Thus concludes my prosaic introduction of Kate Aspen’s latest and greatest–the ultra-cool “Winter Dreams” Laser-Cut […]


Before we get into the beauty and elegance that is the Drake Hotel, I’m compelled to remind you that a “destination wedding” doesn’t necessarily have to be on a beach or foreign land. If there’s a city in the US you’ve always wanted to visit, make a bold move and hold your wedding there so […]


Always elegant and regal, fleur de lis has always been a recognizable symbol of sophistication. That’s why we decided to expand on our selection of fleur-de-lis favors to create more savvy sendoffs for you to choose from. Admittedly, there’s nothing new about the design itself. It’s been around for hundreds of years. But, we’ve added […]