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  • A diamond engagement ring will always be timeless and classy, but some brides-to-be want an engagement ring that is one-of-a-kind and stands out from the rest. These brilliant, colorful engagement rings might be just what those unique brides are looking for! 1. Pretty in Pink Sapphire 2. Ever-loving Emerald 3. Sweetheart Citrine 4. Adorable Amethyst […] View Post
  • Mmmmmm! Chocolate Diamonds!

    I was in a Jared’s jewelry store the other day to get my anniversary band cleaned and inspected. (Yes, he went to Jared! Actually, I went to Jared and picked it out. He paid…) While I was waiting, I checked out their phenomenal display of jewelry (particularly wedding bands and engagement rings) featuring chocolate diamonds. […]


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  • First, I have to say that top-tier wedding-favor designer Kate Aspen’s “With This Ring” Chrome Diamond Ring Bottle Stopper is absolutely one of my favorites–and I see a lot of wedding favors in my daily doings. The bottle stopper itself is beautiful, but the gift box blows me away. It’s designed to look and open […]


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