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Your best man is with you through thick and thin. At bare minimum, he’s going to plan an epic bachelor party and give a killer toast at the wedding reception.There are the little things that a great best man does, like helping you pick out your tuxedo and lending you an ear when you need […]
While planning your wedding, the mother of the bride will often take a central role in helping you plan. But the father of the bride? Even if he’s not funding the wedding, he’s emotional support gets you through the planning phase and down the aisle. Commemorate this cherished occasion with a present for the favorite man […]
How do you show your appreciation to your mother for everything she does? From giving birth to you to helping you pick out your dream dress, a gift can certainly go a long way. Give her something meaningful that comes from the heart. Typically, you’ll give it to her either at the rehearsal dinner, the […]
Before you pack your bags for your bachelorette weekend, leave some extra room for bridesmaid gifts. From cake tastings to dress fittings, it’s time to thank your friends for all they’ve done for you. Get them something that they’ll love for years. Every time they use or wear their gifts, they think’ll of you. But how […]
As your big day approaches, your bridesmaids are going to be devoting some of their personal time to help you have the best wedding possibly. From tagging along to dress fittings to helping you pick out the fonts for the invitations, this is some serious work. What better way to show your thanks than to give your […]
Your guys are looking out for you. They’re renting tuxedos, buying matching socks and planning toasts for your big day. Perhaps they’re throwing a great bachelor party or coming with to check out the wedding reception venue. Admit it: These guys rock! It’s time to get them something to thank them for all the hard […]