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marriage proposal

There’s one question that eclipses all others: The marriage proposal! When done right, the speech makes her weep and the gesture touches the heart. More and more, people are feeling the pressure to get creative with a marriage proposal. Need some inspiration? These wedding proposal ideas will surely tug at the heartstrings. 1. Go to […]

I guess I’m writing this more for women who are expecting a marriage proposal shortly, but brides-to-be should pay attention, too. Did you happen to read the results of the survey conducted by Men’s Health magazine and about marriage proposals? The survey discovered that one in four women hated her proposal. Really? There are […]


Too bad they don’t give awards for creative marriage proposals. This guy would be the hands-down winner in the high-tech category! High Tech Wedding Proposal from Brett Culp on Vimeo. If any of you speaks Japanese, can you tell us if she said “yes?” I imagine their wedding favors would be tiny robots that will […]