Choosing The Right Wedding Dress

When I went shopping for my wedding dress, I was lightly obsessed. I'd seen a magazine ad for this sleek, buttons-all-the-way-down-the-back- ivory dress that I was dying for. It was cut in a 'fishtail' style and it was so incredibly perfect.

Well, it was perfect on the model anyway.

When I started going to all the bridal shops, I went straight for the fishtail rack and then hit the dressing rooms. And...heartbreak. The whole fishtail thing just didn't work on me. I didn't look lithe and modern, I looked like I was wearing an odd mermaid costume. Not exactly the style I wanted for my wedding day. So I expanded my search to a broader range of dresses and ended up buying a completely different gown that I felt great in, and which fit me and my style perfectly.

The lesson? Don't sink into a 'heart set' before you've even tried anything on. You will set yourself up for frustration and waste a lot of time. Fall in love with as many magazine pages you want, just don't limit yourself to trying on just that one style. Yes, like most things in life, appearance does count when it comes to picking your wedding dress. Any woman bothering with a wedding gown at all will want something pretty special-looking. Just make sure you test-drive that puppy for comfort, before you buy it. Walk around in it with the same style shoe you'll be wearing, to see if it feels right. Do a 'sit test' and make sure it doesn't pinch or leave you exposed in anyway. And by all means, be sure to do 'hug test' too. Make sure it doesn't bind you when you're receiving all those well-wishing hugs or worse - during the first kiss with your new husband!

Happy Planning!