The Business of Marriage

Before/After the Wedding, Fraud Alert, Insurance, Licenses, Name Changes, Registry, Contract Negotiation, Passports

Prenuptial Agreement - The "prenup" might be the most controversial aspect of modern marriage. Learn their pros and cons here.
Protecting Yourself From Online Fraud, Phishing, and Disappointment - How can you be sure your online transaction is safe? Heed the safety credentials and do the research before making your purchase. Includes tips for smart shopping from auction sites.
It’s Not Over Yet! Wrapping Up the Post-Wedding Details - Don’t forget these often-overlooked tasks you’ll need to get out of the way when you come back from your honeymoon.
Your Wedding Registry - Think your registry is complete? Don't overlook the obvious!
Wedding Insurance - As the average costs of weddings rise, more couples are making room in their budgets for this small but worthwhile investment.
Marriage Licenses - What does a marriage license mean? Can you get married without one? Should you get one? How do you get one? We've got the answers.
Tipping at Your Wedding - Don't forget to tip at your wedding rehearsal dinner and reception. It's expected, and it means a lot to your hard-working servers.
Changing Your Name - Your name change after marriage can be complicated -- and a real hassle, if you don't plan ahead.
The Five “Nevers” When Negotiating With Wedding Vendors - The power to negotiate a great deal on your wedding flowers, favors and food is in your hands. Use these five negotiating no-nos to be sure you stay in control.
What To Do With The Cake Topper After The Wedding - Contemporary sculpture or traditional bride and groom? Monograms or flowers? Even the choice to have a cake topper or not can be a tough decision. Considering how you will use it after the wedding might make that choice a little easier. Take a look at these ideas and get inspired.
Getting Your Passport - Going abroad for your honeymoon? Don’t forget your passport. Find out the details on obtaining one with this helpful, easy-to-read guide.