Money Saving Tips & Ideas

Wedding Favors and the Economy-The U.S. Economy has investors and everyone else, for that matter, scared, saving and wondering when it will all turn around. So how are brides-to-be pulling off their dream wedding in these days of financial uncertainty?
Budget Wedding Favors - Are you shopping for wedding favors but don’t want to spend a ton of money? We’ve got the tips to help you save.
Sponsored Weddings - On a budget? Provide a little tasteful advertising, and you may be able to score flowers, photography and even catering at a significantly reduced price.
Five Ways to Save On Your Wedding Gown - Discover the best ways to save the most on wedding gowns.
Leasing Luxury for A Day: 5 Tips on Renting Bridal Jewelry - Why buy fine jewelry for your wedding when you can rent it! Following these tips can make sure that borrowing your jewelry doesn’t make you blue.
Say "I Do" To Wedding Gown Rentals - From wedding stationery to favors, planning a wedding can get expensive. You can save by renting your wedding gown. Discover the benefits of leasing and learn how to get down the aisle for a whole lot less.
Goodie Guide: Getting The Most Out Of (Or Into) Your Wedding Favor Boxes - Calculating how many candies will fit in that little wedding favor box can be a challenge. A slight miscalculation can cause you to overbuy or overstretch the candies. Do-it-yourself brides can avoid this wedding favor dilemma with this handy guide.