Wedding Receptions

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Five Wedding Reception Secrets From The Pros - Your wedding reception preparations aren’t complete until you’ve read these secret tips to make it even better.
Three Reasons Why Place Card Holders Make For A Better Reception - More than just a table favor, place card holders have remained popular items at wedding receptions because of their versatility, practicality and creativity in design. Here are three ways to use them strategically to enhance your wedding reception.
Throwing Your Wedding Reception - Anyone can throw a party. Few manage to throw the perfect reception. We can help. Check out this handy guide on hosting your guests in comfort and style, including some ideas that might not have occurred to you.
The Care and Feeding of Reception Guests - You’ve planned your big day, and the wedding is all set. Now, how to plan the reception? Take some helpful and often wry advice from a wedding industry veteran in this helpful report.
So You Think You Can Dance... - Do you get nervous at the thought of hitting the dance floor? A few dance lessons can help you overcome your fears and get ready to get your groove on for your big day.
Carriages for the Wedding - Check out this bride ride! A horse-drawn carriage could be the perfect finishing touch to your reception arrangements.
Planning a Family Wedding Reception - If your guests are bringing the kids, you'll probably want to make some special arrangements to keep the children occupied and happy. The good news: it's easier than you think.
Reception Music - Should you book a DJ or a live band for you reception? This essay has the pros and cons.
Wedding Transportation - Your guests have to get around somehow! Between the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony and the reception, there’s a lot of back-and-forth movement. You need to start planning early.
In Good Spirits: Getting the Beer, Wine, and More for your Wedding Reception - How much beer, wine, and spirits will your reception require? It depends on the size of your guest list—and a couple of other things. The wedding is a party after all.
Five Wedding Reception Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them - Do you know the five tackiest mistakes brides make at their wedding reception? Find out what they are and how to avoid them.
Seven Ways To Jumpstart Your Wedding Reception - Our latest and loveliest reception ideas.
Bright Ideas for Lighting Your Wedding Reception - Whether you’re stuck with bare walls at your reception site or just want to spotlight your beautiful centerpieces, you can use these tips and ideas to enhance your wedding reception with luxurious lighting.
Spectacular Send-Offs: Alternatives to Throwing Rice At Your Wedding - For various environmental reasons or just to do something different, brides are seeking alternatives to throwing rice by discovering the beauty that sparklers, rose petals, wedding bubbles and confetti can add to the wedding.
Kissing Up to Your Caterer: Six Tips to Fine Food and Fantastic Service at Your Wedding - If you're planning your wedding, and you've never worked with a caterer before, this article is for you. Here are six important tips to help make your relationship with your caterer a fruitful one.
Five Crucial Steps to Choosing A Wedding Caterer - Ready to plan the reception but not sure how to find the best caterer? Get help here.
Tall Wedding Centerpieces: The Long and Short Of It - Whether you choose contemporary flowers or classic candles, adding height and drama to your table is easy with these tall wedding centerpiece ideas.
Ice Sculptures An ice sculpture can be the ultimate centerpiece at your wedding reception! Thanks to modern innovation, getting one to your event might be easier than you think.
Receptions, Parties, and Destinations Your guide to party food and drink, plus ideas on glamorous destinations for your special day.
Making the Most of Your Pre-Reception Forget the after-party! Try a pre-party instead. Turn the time your guests are waiting for the wedding reception to start into an event with these helpful ideas.