Themed Weddings

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Looking for Wedding Inspiration? Get on Board! - A wedding inspiration board is the perfect way to help keep wedding planners and brides on track. Find out how to create your own, using photos of wedding favors, bouquets and even wedding shoes that come together to create just the perfect mood.
10 Wedding Themes Grooms Will Love - From winter weddings to sailboats at sunset, plan the wedding of HIS dreams with these ten wedding themes that your groom will love!
Tee Up Your Event with Golf Favors that Score Big - Drive a golf-themed wedding, tournament or event down the fairway by incorporating golf-themed favors.
Flowered Leis At the Wedding Reception - A lei is the traditional garment of celebration all through the islands of the Pacific Ocean. They're also the ultimate tropical-themed wedding reception accessory.
Canadian Wedding - Like the nation and its culture, the classic Canadian wedding takes the best of French and English customs and creates a something charmingly original.
International Bride: Roman Catholic Weddings - This installment in our series of articles about wedding ceremonies in different religions looks at the sacrament of marriage in the Roman Catholic Church.
Planning A Modern Catholic Wedding - The Catholic wedding is among the world’s most beautiful marriage celebrations. Now modern couples are taking its elegance and ancient sophistication in new directions to express their contemporary style.
Seven Creative Locales for Your Civil Wedding Ceremony - Looking for an exciting locale for your civil wedding ceremony? Get creative with the ideas presented here.
Wedding Sand Ceremony: A Beautiful Alternative to the Unity Candle - Sand ceremonies are an excellent choice for beach, outdoor or destination weddings to reflect the unity and sanctity of marriage that are as timeless as sand.
Double Weddings: Twice as Nice or Double Trouble? - Two couples. Two wedding cakes. Two celebrations in one. Planning a joint wedding can be a little tricky. But following these tips can make sure your double wedding is not double trouble.
The Eco-Friendly Wedding - Ten strategies and practices to help your wedding "go green"! Also included are environment-friendly favors.
Celebrate the Planet - Soap-opera sweethearts Sami and Lucas (“Days of Our Lives” had a wedding, and it was all about celebrating the planet. Go behind the scenes of their green wedding.
More Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas - Ready to take your eco-friendly wedding all the way? Go deeper into the green with these edgy, ultra-modern ideas and tips for planning the greenest wedding possible.
“Green” Save the Dates - Save-the-Date reminders were a wedding tradition in times gone by. But how do they fit into the eco-conscious 21st Century?
Planning an Eco-Friendly Honeymoon - A green honeymoon doesn't have to mean compromising luxury. Enjoy snorkeling, kayaking and even gourmet organic cuisine all while doing your share to protect the environment.
Love Boats: Setting Sail On Your Wedding Cruise - Wedding cruises are a great way to spend your honeymoon, but now many cruise lines are offering wedding ceremony specials to their passengers
Destination Wedding Favors - Destination weddings are designed around a particular place or climate. Discover how to use thank-you gifts that “take” your guests on exotic trips—and more!—with this handy guide to giving and planning destination weddings.
Southern-Style Weddings - Planning a wedding reception away down in Dixie? Y’all can give your big party some genteel charm with the tips presented here.
Irish Weddings - Slainte! This helpful guide includes lots of tips on planning a wedding and reception with all the charm and traditions of ole' Erin.
The Claddagh - The Claddagh is the ancient symbol of Irish romance, with its origins in romantic adventure and its meaning found deep in the heart. Read about its fascinating history.
Hobby Weddings - Do you and your mate share a passion for wine or an obsession with golf? Consider expressing your interests through a uniquely themed wedding.
International Bride: Hindu Wedding Ceremonies - Hindu weddings are incredibly elaborate and elegant, sometimes lasting for days. Find out more in the latest installment of our ongoing series.
The Wedding Days and Nights of Olde: Ye Medieval Wedding Celebration - Huzzah, kind lady! Pray gather your tips for the finest of wedding feasts with this most humble compendium of lore and wisdom.
International Bride: The Weddings of Scotland - The nation of Scotland proudly keeps its own wedding traditions alive. Learn more about them in the latest installment of this ongoing series.
Planning Your New York-themed Wedding Reception - Our guide to planning your New York-themed wedding gives you lots of sophisticated style choices.
It's All Happening At the Zoo: A Wedding Planning Guide - A zoo wedding? Why not? Hear the call of the wild with the tips presented here.
Making A Wedding World Premiere - It's lights, camera, action at your Hollywood-themed wedding reception. Get everything in place by reading on…
International Bride: The Weddings of Vietnam - We’ll explore the ancient traditions and customs of the wedding ceremony in Vietnam.
The Ketubah Is The Jewish Wedding Contract - Learn about the fascinating Ketubah, an important part of Jewish weddings.
Over That Broom: Wedding Favors for the Modern Black Wedding - Ideas and suggestions for wedding favors with an African-American motif
African-American Weddings Are A Celebration of Life - The classic African-American wedding is now a sophisticated event that carries traditions in new directions.
"African-Theme Weddings with a Heart for Africa" - Seeking alternatives to traditional wedding gifts, many couples explore ways to turn their wedding into an opportunity to help others worldwide.
African-American Wedding Receptions - Tips for planning the best wedding reception for your friends and family.
Sweet Repeats: Tips On Renewing Your Wedding Vows - From simple ceremonies to elaborate ones with bridesmaids, centerpieces and favors, many couples renew their vows each year. Choose the ceremony that’s right for you with these wedding themes.
Beach Weddings - A wedding on the beach can be a peaceful and elegant event. We offer a few tips on planning your seaside ceremony.
American Palaces - For the ultimate in wedding locations, you absolutely must check out the "American Palaces" presented here.
Country Clubs - Country clubs offer a variety of services perfect for a wedding and reception, with more elegance than traditional ballrooms.
What Happens In Vegas…Could Last Forever! Hit the jackpot by getting married in Vegas or planning a Vegas-themed wedding.