Wedding Traditions

Wedding Candles - Learn about the many uses for wedding candles, along with wedding candle traditions, what they can represent, and how they’re brightening the look of modern weddings.
Wedding Superstitions - Enjoy this overview of some of the most popular wedding superstitions and how to acknowledge them at your own wedding.
Wedding Anniversary Symbols - On which wedding anniversary are you supposed to give fruit? Do wedding anniversary symbols change over time? This article fills you in.

British Wedding Traditions - Want to get married with a little English culture? Get the inside tips you can use to plant a beautiful British wedding.

The Wedding Cake - Would you want your wedding cake dropped on your head? Be grateful you live in the here and now, as this history of the wedding cake explains.
Wedding Ring Materials - Why are wedding bands made of gold? What's the difference between gold and white gold? The answers and more are right here.
Unique Wedding Traditions Around The World - Beyond the color scheme, wedding centerpieces and wedding theme, if you're looking for a way to make your wedding truly unique, examine these wedding traditions from around the world for inspiration.
Bridal Veils Through History - Brides wear veils as part of a storied tradition. Read about the fascinating history here.
Bridal Favor Traditions Through the Ages - Wedding favors have evolved from a centuries-old tradition of generosity and ceremony. Read more about the first favors and about modern gift-giving traditions.
Beauty That's More Than Skin Deep: Mehndi Bridal Painting - Learn all about Mehndi, the Indian custom of painting a bride's hands and arms on her wedding day.