Your provider of Wedding Favors wanted you to have this handy A-Z checklist to plan your own wedding:

A – Alcohol. Genuine champagne is recommended for the toasts. You should have a choice of red and white wine, and always plan for people who don't drink alcohol, and those who are driving.

B – Breakfast. A good breakfast can relax your stomach and nerves on the big day.

C – Cosmetics. Feel comfortable in it and don’t overdo it.

D – Dress. Wear what impresses you. Don’t go overboard for everyone else.

E – Entertainment. Think about your guests when you book it. Your uncle may not know how to breakdance.

F – Family. Be sure you take the time to talk to everyone during the day.

G – Be sure you provide a gift list to your guests. And keep the price range reasonable.

H – Honeymoon. Book early and plan well.

I – Invites. Sent out at least six weeks before the wedding. Include the essential information of when and where.

J – Jewelry. The ring should be the most dominate feature. Don’t wear jewelry that competes with it.

K – Kindness. Things will be hectic. Remember to breathe deeply, and everyone will have a better time.

L – Laughter. This goes a long way to accomplishing item K.

Don’t forget the Wedding Favors!! When it comes to Wedding Favors, we’ve got you covered.

A-Z checklist continued.

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Beach Wedding?
If you and your sweetheart are thinking about having your wedding ceremony near water, you should consider Favors with a Beach Theme. Shouldn't there be lakes and stars and sandy beaches under your feet? Favors with a Beach Theme would be things from votive candles to small photograph frames all the way to beverage coasters shaped like starfish and seashells. Even if you aren't planing a beach wedding, you'll find thousands of Perfect Wedding party favors that you and your sweetheart should go through.