Your provider of Wedding Favors wanted you to have this handy A-Z checklist to plan your own wedding:

M – Money. Budget carefully. You don’t want to start your new life in financial trouble.

N – Nails. Use clear or opaque polish to enhance your ring.

O – Organization. It will make things so much easier.

P – Photographer. Be sure to ask to view their work, and ask for a written quote.

Q – Queasy. Take time to stop and breathe. Staying relaxed is key.

R – Reception. Sample the food. See the room. And get a written commitment as to what the venue will provide.

S – Speech. If you’re giving one, don’t be afraid to use notes.

T – Transport. Get written quotes before choosing your transportation. Plan well to ensure everyone get to the church on time.

U – Understanding. Be patient with everyone, especially family. They’re intentions, if not their actions, are usually in the right place.

V – Vows. Using traditional vows is the norm, but you could add something for a special touch.

W – Warm. Always plan time into your day to bond with family members and just chat. The day can get impersonal if you’re constantly rushing from one planned moment to another.

X – Kisses. Always keep lip balm within reach.

Y – Why. Make time to keep yourself focused. Don’t get so wrapped up in the event that you forget why you’re doing it.

Z – Zzzz’s. Be sure to get plenty of rest the night before.

Don’t forget the Wedding Favors!! When it comes to Wedding Favors, we’ve got you covered.

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Beach Wedding?
If you are having your marriage ceremony on the beach, you might want to think about Wedding Favors with a Beach Theme. Won't there be water and beautiful stars and sparkling beaches beneath your toes? Beach Wedding Favors could be anything from small votive candles and little picture frames to drink coasters that look like seashells. Even if you won't be having a beach wedding, you will find many of Distinctive Favors for your Wedding that you might want to check out.